My research generally falls in the realm of equity, diversity, and inclusion within the workplace. Check out some of my projects below.

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Male Allyship in the Workplace

Past research has shown how seeing men involved in advocacy for gender equality may lead to increased likelihood of others working towards this goal. However, men have reported that they fear negative social consequences were they to become involved. This research thus investigates whether these fears are founded. Specifically, I use experiments to understand others' perceptions and reactions towards men known to be advocates for gender equality in the workplace. 

For this work, I have received Ontario Graduate Scholarships for 2021 and 2022, as well as been honoured with the RHR Kendall-Evans Award for the best student paper at the 2022 Canadian Psychological Association. 

Asian Workers' Experiences during COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic was declared in 2020, there was also a rise of anti-Asian prejudice and discrimination reported. Self-reported data showed that businesses were a prominent site for where these anti-Asian incidents occurred. 

To understand East and Southeast Asian workers' experiences in North America, we conducted a three-wave survey (with both quantitative and qualitative questions) to capture their reported experiences, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours at work. We were particularly interested in understanding whether organizations' efforts to create a more inclusive and diverse environment (diversity climate) mitigated how much anti-Asian racism workers perceived themselves to experience, along with subsequent effects. We were also curious as to whether this differed based on what Asian ethnic group workers belonged to. 

We've written a Harvard Business Review article about the implications of this research and what managers and organizations can do to support their Asian employees, and have published this research in Applied Psychology: An International Review. 

This research was also presented at the 2022 Academy of Management Conference. 

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Other Projects of Mine

Projects of mine that are in progress and/or under review touch upon the following topics:

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